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Earth - provides the tree with nutrients. Applied to the education of a child, it represents both the values we wish him to absorb as well as the connectedness we want him to feel. Throughout your child’s school career at Ashbury College we want them to be rooted in our school’s values.

Water – all plants need water to grow, some more than others. Plants, in this case our learners, also need to have the capacity to absorb the water. Our children must have humility in order to learn; if they think they know it all, they will not learn. We also need to encourage them, and ourselves, to never stop learning.

Sun - A tree needs both the light and warmth radiated by the sun. Light: We must not just tell our children what to do; we must show them the beauty and richness of what is right. Warmth: We must provide our children with unconditional love.

Air implies two things: space and atmosphere. Space: Just as a tree needs space to grow, so too does a child need his own identity and the "space" within which to develop it. What your child "breathes in" from the atmosphere in which he grows is more significant than what he hears.

Most important of all is to remember that being a gardener, or in our case educators and parents is a full time job. It's our job to tend to the precious seedlings that has been placed in our care.

Ashbury College – Together we Grow.

Credit: Your Child, Your tree

Our history

In 1984 Mrs. Terry Scott and Mrs. June Bennet started Over the Rainbow Nursery School on the Corner of Sentrust Rd and Longmore Rd in Crystal Park. In 1993 parents of children attending the nursery school who were looking for better quality private education for their children approached Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Bennet about opening a primary school. Inspired by this, they purchased our current premises.
Ashbury opened its doors to grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 in January 1994. Each subsequent year an additional grade was added up to grade 7. In order to accommodate the growing number of children, new buildings including classrooms, toilet blocks and a school hall were added. The pre-school that was operating since 1984, moved over to the current premises in 1996.

In 2005, again on request of parents, Ashbury High School was started with only a Grade 8 class. A new grade was phased in each year and in 2009 the first group of grade 12’s wrote the NSC examinations.

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